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Strategy2Act 1.2


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Description of
Strategy2Act is a Balanced Scorecard (BSC) support software. It is designed to help build a Balanced Scorecard.

Balanced Scorecard is a conception that transforms strategy to action. Balanced Scorecard is a set of principles that facilitate the understanding of business strategy and goals. BSC is a methodology that converts strategy into real action.

Strategy2Act software is a tool that supports building a Balanced Scorecard system for a company, department or an individual. This program helps to build a system that will make it easy to go from strategy to action.

With Strategy2Act, you can build a strategy tree of your company. As follows from BSC experience, four perspectives are most important: Financial, Customer, Internal business processes and Learning. With Strategy2Act, you can use these perspectives or create your own.

For each perspective item, you can add a related goal. For instance, for the Customer perspective, the related goals are Response Time and Support Quality.

Strategy2Act has a balance function, so you can specify what perspectives and goals are most important for your company at this moment.

Strategy2Act will help you to measure your performance. For every perspective and goal, you can write a note telling what this goal is, how to measure it and what the target values are.

Once the strategy tree is created, you can add a scorecard. A scorecard allows you to analyze a solution in terms of your strategy. The Balanced Scorecard system connects the new solution or goal with your strategy.

You can rate a new solution and include your comment or related ideas. The Strategy2Act program shows the total score of a new improvement, so you can decide whether to start working with this solution or another one.

Strategy2Act has a wide reporting ability. You can generate a report containing only the strategy tree or a scorecard. You can save the report as an Excel file for further analysis.
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Author: AKS-Labs
License: Shareware
Price: $120
File Size: 951.9 KB
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